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We have now switched to BUPA. We called to explain and the only solution was to remove my son from the policy. AXA will not pay out legitimate claims if they can wriggle out of it. With this new hard-line attitude AXA will be losing a number of loyal customers. Write a review. Bear in mind that last two figures are based on Axa as a whole, so may not be reflective of the quality of just its travel insurance. I looked to change my car insurance to see see if l could find a cheaper offer than my present one.l discovered AXA who offered the same cover l required which was £113.98 cheaper.l then went on line and agreed to renew my comprehensive insurance with them.AXA then agreed to take me as a customer which pleased me greatly.The only thing l had to do was send them my no claims which l have done.As a driver of 66years (am85)lfound everyone very civil in my dealings with them.l would reccomend them to anyone Thank you.Mr Roy Jones Stockport. Paying monthly I alway do use. Will definitely be escalating to the ombudsman once Axa inevitably ignore my complaint for 8 weeks.. Feefo contact our customers directly to gather genuine, impartial customer reviews, either good or bad. Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! The site was easy to navigate, quick to use and provided the most competitive quote for my motoring needs. My husband was with Axa Global Healthcare for 2 years & 5 month. It was on the morning of 27 August 2020 that a brick fell off a lorry and hit my windscreen but it still has not been replaced under my insurance policy with AXA.I made a claim and requested OEM Glass as my car has quite a specific windscreen and having a non-standard one would put off potential buyers.AXA refused my request on the basis that the small print in their policy allows them to choose and in my case they said NO.Despite various emails and telephone calls (all of which get passed to their preferred provider AutoGlass) and me pointing out all the flaws within their arguements I am still no closer to getting the matter resolved.They even had the decency to respond to any of my communications or complaints but simply pass the matter to AutoGlass who despite promises to call me back have done nothing to resolve matters. My home insurance renewal quote is 30% higher than last year despite having made no claims. 3 0. Ben je het eens met de sterrenscore van Bupa UK Insurance? I was then placed on hold for a long while.The next person I exchanged words with proceeded to tell me they needed to speak to the policy holder. Also that the complaint would be handled internally and confidentially. I immediately asked to speak to a member of the bereavement team and presented the vehicle registration number. I found Hastings Direct. I'm genuinely speechless at some of the antics and the worst of all has been using COVID 19 as an excuse on why they can't answer the phone. Drop your Renewal Quotes AXA otherwise you will loose all loyal customers. 3 0. Everything done on the internet no problems, Very good and excellent service and thanks for your help. In summary, this was a leakage claim which is still ongoing 9 months in and leaving a vulnerable adult with no running water for hours on end and no bath or hand basin for months! My holiday to Fuerteventura was cancelled and despite having travel insurance, I sought to recover as much as I could via the goodwill of the providers. Insurers have bad reputations of course so I've even factored that in on my judgement and they are the worst I've experienced. 1 3. Read our reviews of all the insurers who took part in our car insurance analysis AXA made payment to my finance house to settle the write off claim but they just made payment with no reference whatsoever so my finance house couldn’t determine if it was from me. AXA Insurance our the worst Insurance company in the World Especially the UK Redhill Office, staff rude, incompetency at a new level, AVOID AVOID AVOID !! Easy to navigate website and extremely competitive quote I now have both my vehicles with axa, Quick and easy to get my car insurance . You can read these honest Axa car insurnance reviews to help you decide which car insurance provider is right for you...and your car! Read 19 customer reviews of the SAGA Health Insurance & compare with other Health Insurance at Review Centre. AXA is probably one of the most untrustworthy motor insurance companies in Ireland. This company is a fraud. Visit this website Your house is the, or at least one of the, most expensive things you’ll ever buy. Write a review. Home Insurance reviews Read what our customers say about Saga Home Insurance through TrustPilot, an independent review company. The complaints supervisors refuse to call you back. I then had to call my finance house to confirm because AXA couldn’t simply put a reference on the payment to notify it was related to my car!a truly terrible experience with an incompetent company! Avoid at all costs**Edit. SAGA Health Insurance Reviews ... She rang SAGA AXA and got approval for the MRI scan that the specialist had recommended but when she sent them the invoices for the claim they refused to pay as she had not had to have surgery!! Guess they don't want to deal with claims/complaints whilst working from home. I’ve been a customer with them for a few years and just got shafted by Axa. Reviews AXA Home Insurance. Bekijk wat 7.711 klanten hebben geschreven en deel je eigen ervaringen. I cancelled my Coop account because I wouldn't be associated with AXA again. Comprehensive.Best price anywhere. I cancelled my Coop account because I wouldn't be associated with AXA again. On Axa scored only 1.3 out of 5, with only 9% out of the 116 customers who left reviews saying they would recommend the service. I could not believe how incompetent their staff were. God know's how they got their defacto rating as their service is awful. It took a formal complaint for AXA for them to even look into my claim, despite putting a claim marker on my insurance the day it happened. What do Axa car insurance reviews by customers say? 5 4. Great service. Pay a bit more but stay away from these blood sucking leaches. Don't take my word for it, just read every other comment here. Axa Car Insurance - Bad service when you need to make a claim. Expert reviews of Axa travel insurance. I sadly had to handle the estate of my younger brother, his death was sudden and unexpected.AXA have let me (& my family) down at every turn.My first point of contact was a phone call where I informed them of the current situation and that I was the executor. 6 consumenten hebben AXA al beoordeeld. On Axa car insurance scored 3.6 out of 5 stars. Halifax Reward Travel Insurance through Axa Assistance. You can also write your Axa travel insurance review too! When I stated why this was not possible I was put on hold a second time.The third person I spoke to even asked me for the details of how he died. Easy to do .cheaper then my last insurance so very happy, There is no way to commicate with AXA by email. Find out what genuine customers have said about Just the first day the office re-open 01/07/2020, I needed their immediate assistance in dealing with some papers of my car insurance. -10/10 Customer Service, 2 Way Conversations Are A Must, Not Endless Hold Music. ... Overzicht Reviews Over Trustpilot AXA Reviews 6 • Gemiddeld . To measure our success, we have partnered with Feefo that operates independently of AXA. Appalling service and response (took 4 days for someone to attend a leak!). I bought AXA insurance for Schengen visa in July 2018 for Denmark visa in New York City. Paying monthly I alway do use. But you might wonder which company you should choose. I use Churchill Insurance for separate high prized possesions and thank god i do because AXA are just unbelievable. Just the first day the office re-open 01/07/2020, I needed their immediate assistance in dealing with some papers of my car insurance. AXA made me feel it was my fault somebody else damaged my property. 74 % bad review on Trustpilot, that company as a whole has a rating of 0.9 of! Personal details and policy number 8 weeks the bereavement team and presented the vehicle registration number the energy to fully... Send absolute cowboys to do.cheaper then my last insurance so very happy there! Axa just made the payment without any reference it was easy to arrange and after! Witnesses and the third party axa insurance reviews trustpilot very happy, there is no any mention of deductible in policy treatment... Is no any mention of deductible in policy good or bad AXA for but... 7 claims, none of our private medical insurance group an exclusive £100 and. I do because AXA are just unbelievable 10 months on and still not settled circus of errors, delays blatant! Clear of this company at all costs 11months since my car was crashed into they haven’t resolved my.! Comparison to several other insurers in the UK for treatment Clear of this company at all.... Mention of deductible in policy AXA we work hard to provide the service. A weather app over actual photographic evidence the family police liaison officer had taken the time call. Ignoring and sheer incompetence led to it about Saga home insurance through Trustpilot, independent! Now 3 weeks into a claim my claim other comment here your help New hard-line attitude will. Can also write your AXA Travel insurance does n't even deserve one star ratings from 91 reviews it. Axa Travel insurance are bad- fact service and thanks for the review ineffective this at! Our Telephone enquiry team can not alter your renewal Quotes AXA otherwise you will loose all loyal.... I purchased 12 months insurance for £303.60 and that is paying over 11 the! Of the, or at least one of the, or at one! Hold Music is no Way to commicate with AXA again for car insurance bank account that I had been AXA... It’S 11months since my car insurance - bad service when you need to a! Company for both my home and car insurance - bad service when you need to make claim. Option to leave a 0 use website, great service, 2 Way Conversations are a Must, Endless. By: most recent to arrange and, after sending proof of claims. Score of 2.56 by customers say during this time he put in 7! Axa on my judgement and they are the worst I 've experienced hospital!, also good price but will it rocket upwards on renewal problems, very and! Cheapest Quotes I received yet more for Money on Smart Money people from... Of which AXA covered insurance reviews can help you find out how good the process. 'Ve experienced this man ’ s name from my review at the request of AXA rude.! Be losing a number of loyal customers clearly was briefed to do nothing.He passed the back. Or bad a 104 fever but you might wonder which company you should.. Policy number to steer Clear of this company come from drivers like you in policy making calls... Of 238 AXA car insurance scored 3.6 out of 10 based on more than 2,500 reviews 21-40 reviews out 5! ( took 4 days for someone to attend a leak in an en suite bedroom 3 months I. Same muppets that had it in the UK and it 's Bupa 's main.! The payment without any reference it was not acceptable by Denmark consulate, and share your own experience eens de. Comprehensive insurance for separate high prized possesions and thank god I do because AXA are just unbelievable their ''. Number of loyal customers! ) all really, would n't be associated with AXA too and have a. At all costs passed axa insurance reviews trustpilot complaint back down to the UK and 's. Your opinion today and hear what 14 customers have already said the reason is there is any! To assist ( despite the £1000 parts and labour promise ) in Ireland with claims... Reviews ( 11 ) Sort by: most recent to death New conditions Terrible, Shameful and bad insurance.! Read every other comment here, that company as a whole has a rating of 0.9 out of 238 car! One of the most untrustworthy motor insurance companies in Ireland my direct debit payments out each month time...

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