benefits of wearing pearl ring in little finger

Please Select your Shipping Location & Currency: Some women can be quite specific about which finger they will wear certain rings on. White pearl represent moon in astrology. Hi Saman, please share your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. second thing is my sun is weak. There are lots of things going in mind but not comes out properly. I’ve been told to wear one by an astrologer. I was wearing pearl as suggested by an astrologer, he asked me to wear it for lifetime and discontinued as it got broken. Go for it. My details are for payment. 12th march 2000 Please advice. The Moon is the lord of the 8th house. place :- visnagar , gujarat, which gemstone should i wear ? Place of birth is Kothamangalam, near Ernakulam, Kerala. You have not mentioned place of birth of your husband. And can i wear both the stones together in diffrent or same hand. Karnataka is a state. Hi Kunal hi husbands d.o.b is 16th may 1981 time of birth is 7:12 pm. It is not recommended to wear pearl with gold. Moon is afflicted by malefic Saturn. Hi Meenu, the gemstones you have been wearing is absolutely correct. The planet Jupiter has been afflicted by Rahu. Hi Ami, although you are under the Mahadasha of Moon you should not use pearl. It will work excellent till the end of Guru Mahadasha. The correct finger to wear Ruby is ring finger. The plane Moon is the lord of the 10th house for the Libra ascendant. Thankyou Sir, Hence, wearing a pearl can be extremely beneficial. You can try it for few days to know if it is suitable to you. Thank you in advance for your reply. with certification …. Hence, diamond is the most preferred stone. Ring on a little finger. Hi Samrat, Hello sir can you tell me which stone to wear for marriage and happiness. My DOB is 21 -oct-1983, Karnataka. #5. Born in Bangalore on 7th Aug 1976 at 10.15 AM. The destiny will start working in a positive way. These should be followed if you wish to obtain the maximum benefits according to the gemstones astrological sign. READ MORE: 20-day challenge for your legs . My name is ram and I need to know if I can wear moti/pearl for moon date of birth March madurai. Plus the actual size of the pearl ring settings will have an effect on what finger you should wear them. You are born with Scorpion ascendant and Virgo Moon sign. Rings that contain large pearls or that are made up of several different gemstones will, of course, look clumsy if worn on the little finger. Wearing a ring on the left hand’s little finger means that it is their private life that needs romance and communication. thank you. I’m Pisces ascendant with moon in 2nd house. Favorable metals for Tortoise ring is Gold and Silver, these metals help in keeping the divine energies intact. I Have Cancer Ascendant! My details are below: DOB: 09 January 1992, Place:Delhi Time Around 5:15 in the morning. Therefore, it will help the native in all respect. You belong to Dhanu Lagna. This is the type of pearl rings you would wear out to a party or formal event. Should I wear pearls and will it be good for me? It also diminishes black spots and acne also from the face and body. Sorry sir… I got my birth place is Nepal, eastern part .. Hi Aashika Or with gold it won’t be beneficial? who should insert this ring. 23.01.1993 It develops good harmony between husband and wife. 12:35 am(night) I want to ask you when best time of my life will start or it will not come? They are providing it for around 1000 INR In Which Finger to wear Emerald Gemstone ring | Divine Delight for Gemstoneuniverse Patrons. You should wear at least 4 carats with gold in ring finger. A key method in which we can benefit from this wondrous metal is to use it as a ring. Wearing the gold ring on index finger enhances concentration. Sir. You should wear it either as a pendant or ring/little finger. Hi Sarmistha No, you should remove pearl and use Yellow Sapphire. Hi Gordon, first thing the pearl and diamond is not worn together. Name : Rishabh You should use Red Coral 7 Rati with gold in ring finger on Tuesday during bright fortnight and Pearl at least 5 carats with silver in little finger on Monday of the bright fortnight. The medical astrology recommends in certain cases to wear pearl with the combination of other gemstone to get rid of the illness like diabetes, bloodlessness, ocular problem, women diseases, kidney problem, asthma and pancreatitis etc. Can you please advice Suggest me if any other stone i should wear You are welcome. How to use gemstone according to birth date (Numbers and gemstone), Kaal Sarp Dosh – Troubled life, Hardship and Remedial Measures in Astrology, How to offer water to Sun God (Lord Surya), 11 Highly Dangerous Graha Dosh That You Must Not Ignore. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this policy. I am also wearing a silver chain and steel kada ……. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone. MY PLACE OF BIRTH – MODINAGAR ,UTTAR PRADESH I am 30 years now still struggling with life, last 4 years have been worst in terms of Business and Money. A French manicure doesn’t only look wonderful, but really helps to complement any pearl jewelry that you may be wearing. Should i wear a ring of pearl in my little finger or not. However, your Mercury is posited in the 10th house in own sign and Venus also. Hence, it will help you to have memory power and improve forgetfulness. You should discard the Iron Kada. Birth place – Sasaram, Bihar. However, you can use this gem during the administration period of Moon. The pearl will help to get support of nature. Dear sir, please let me know if I can wear pearls. Birthplace – Davangere Thanks. Hence, it is not advisable to wear the pearl. Can you send me your mail ID or can you please whatsapp me your mail ID to the number given on my website. Kolkata Birth time- 01.55 am The pearl is not your lucky stone. It can neutralize the negative effect of the Moon. They may have a more quiet, understated look to them but you can now find such pearl rings with a more intricate band design and setting. Moon is not a beneficial planet for the Capricorn ascendant. I will be gratefull to you if you advise me too? Wear pearl wit silver at least 5 carats along with Red Coral with gold at least 7 carats. You are under Shani Mahadasha that is not supportive to you. It should be worn on Monday evening during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon). Surabhi Pandey. Kindly tell. Please suggest which gemstone to wear and what to do. Hi Dinesh Hi Sebasjiun, you will surely get benefitted from pearl. If its good i can wear in the ring finger ? plz reply sir. Before wearing the diamond ring, chant the mantra “Om Shum ShukrayeNamaha Om” for 108 times to energize it fully and to yield the best benefits out of it. Use Emerald instead.It will help you all respect. The main pearl ring astrology benefits of wearing this piece of jewelry on the little finger is that it is believed to bring peace and calmness to the wearer. What is the place of birth of your husband? In fact, these styles of solitaire pearl rings are becoming very popular with women of all ages today. Hi Sir, I am writing for my husband. You can go for diamond as the planet Venus is a beneficial planet. You can have harmonious married life by wearing this effective stone. My father lost his business and I am working since then but I am not able save money as some or the other expenses are in que for me. 17:50 You are truly an inspiration providing people with the much needed and trusted advice !! The suitable day to wear Ruby is Sunday. It is the gemstone which is prescribed to neutralize the negative influence of the Moon. Thankyou so much Sir for giving me your time and suggestion. Hello sir very inspired by your article kindly advise incase I need to wear a pearl my birth details are 21/12/1984 time : 1.15 pm place: New Delhi. The best finger on which to wear such rings would, of course, be the ring finger on either hand. Which stone or which combination of gem stones is suitable for me? is it beneficial to me all now? Then there are others that will be made up of a cluster of small size pearls and other gemstones. The lord of 5th and 10th is Venus that is posited in the 8th house. Read more for detailed benefits of yellow sapphire. Wearing a pearl can make one successful in one’s profession and career. Viren soni. This stone can bring you happiness, increase good friend circle, improve mother’s health and it can augment the general well-being. Hi Sanchari, pearl is highly recommend as Moon is the lord of 5th house that rules your brain or mind. The Diamond should be worn with either silver or white gold. Deepak. The planet Moon is the lord of the 6th house. It will help you have material success and general welbeing. You belong to Dhanu Lagna and Moon is the lord of the 8th house. My Dob is 18/4/1986 time 13:10 pm Kangra hp….which stone is suitable. Dear Vinayak, I need your guidance for which gemstone I should wear for my better professional success. Yellow sapphire is … All Rights Reserved. The result of the pearl can be manifold if it is worn along with Red Coral the gemstone of Mars the lord of ascendant. Gold earrings are … It will bring overall development in life. Hi Rishabh The following Mantra should be chanted 108 times before wearing. Diamond should be at least 1 carat. It will more beneficial if you wear pearl along with Red Coral in ringer finger. The moon is the lord of 8th house and posited in the 5th house. All of which help to give such rings a very luxurious and dazzling look to them. sir somebody suggested me to wear diamond plz tell if diamond is good for me or not and sir as i already worn red coral in ring finger and sunela in first Wearing a ring on this finger may also heal your liver, stomach, and respiratory system related problems. Astroguru Online - Please enable Javascript and refresh the page to continue My Zodiac sign is Scorpio (Star is Anusham).But you replied to me as Capricorn ascendant. Please let me know if any queries. Can u suggest if I should wear moonstone or pukhraj? Hello Sir, my DOB is 3rd Dec 1990, 4:15 AM at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. HI Scorpio, I am centipede here and I often like to enter the ears (ha ha ha). Hi Komal You have taken birth in Cancer Ascendant that clearly denotes your ruling planet is Moon. which stone will be most beneficial for me regarding education and job. Hello sir plz something about my career jib m preparing from ias exam .how to be focused and what to do rituals and what to wear srones. If yes then for how many carats? It should be properly activated, energized and purified and then worn on the little finger … Hence, it will no longer be working. Should I still continue wearing the pearl and also just confirming should I wear the Yellow Saphire on the ring finger or the first finger next to thumb? Kindly enlighten me about which gemstone would best suit for me? I am SanthanaVijayan.A from Trichy, TamilNadu. It is recommended in both middle and ring finger.The White Sapphire should be worn with silver in the middle finger. Hello Sir, My dob is 04/12/1979, place ambala, time 03:38 a.m. Can I wear pearl gemstone for career. It will help you to achieve your goal. But, for other ascendants you need to have proper astrological calculation. As I understand, you have 3 life stone i.e. It is generally worn when the planet Moon is afflicted and debilitated. However, it is very important to understand astrologically regarding who should wear it. Thanks Rather you should go for Emerald with gold in little finger. Hence, you can go for the finger you life. So below we take a look at the different styles of pearl rings you can now wear and how they can be worn. Please advice. These exceptional cases should be analysed in detail by your Vedic Astrologer to give you the best benefits of Planetary Gem Therapy. Hi Arjit, you are born with Aries Ascendant and Libra moon sign. My dob is 06/10/1990, place mumbai, time 12:50 p.m., day saturday. Please advise. Use Diamond at least 1 carat or its substitute white sapphire with silver on Friday. Birth place :Sherpur, ghazipur, UP. Hi Jass, State: TamilNadu Hi sir i am from bangladesh… my name is pranto… i am facing lots of trouble in my life…. I will correct it now. hi my date is 24 feb 1992. time 4 pm is it suitable for me. I was born on 30/01/1990, 12:19 pm in Basti Uttar Pradesh. Before wearing the tortoise ring, soak in the raw milk or Kacha Dudh and keep it in front of Goddess Laxmi Idol to bless the ring with good luck and prosperity. Thank you for your suggestion Sir … in anyway can I wear with gold ? Thanks a lot for your advise. In order to succeed in this world, wearing a ring on the Index finger may be a great way to achieve success, good fortune and growth opportunities. ; Pearl must touch your fingure skin. You can wear lifelong. Most people use the pearl even without having any proper scientific astrological calculation. The lord of ascendant is Venus which is debilitated in Virgo. i offer jal to sun, worship lord shiva and go to navgrah mandir every saturday. Hi Tulsi can he wear a pearl? Thanks a lot for asking. Can I wear an emerald stone and how many carats? When I will financial strong? If you are dealing in the business relating to water, oil, ocean, river, shipping and fishing etc. Hi Aashika, My birth details- 19.06.1978 time- 14.04 place – Mumbai. You should wear White pearl at least 4 carats with silver on Monday. You are also under the Mahadasha of Mercury. As the planet Moon is a friendly planet to the Lagna Lord Mars, you should wear Pearl at least 4 carats wit silver on Monday. The planet Moon is the lord of 5th house which is a beneficial planet for Pisces ascendant. Should I wear it or not??? Use Ruby at least 4 Carats. Time exactly not known but around 7-7:30 pm. The weight of the stone should be at least 5 carats. Hence, I strongly recommend you to go for Blue Sapphire (Neelam) at least 5 Rati with silver in middle finger on Saturday. Considering your place of birth as Patna, I concluded you are born with Taurus ascendant and Sagittarius moon sign. Your article is quite informative”. Nesar Magavi If you feel diamond is expensive, you can go for the White Sapphire at 5 carats with silver on Friday in middle finger. Dear Manoranjan Ji, Wear White Sapphie at least 5 carats with silver. Hence Red Coral is beneficial if it is worn along with Yellow Sapphire. Time 12:15pm . Pearls in maintaining the stability of our minds are proven extremely Useful. The things you need to consider before wearing a pearl ring on your finger are as follows: Although wearing a pearl ring on your little finger can prove very beneficial to you in many ways. The Rudraksha is of course good. Of course, the best way to really let the beauty of any pearl ring you wear shine out is to have a set of beautifully manicured nails. Kindly provide ur Online Transaction details ( State Bank of India Account) Certain implementations and Knowledge like wearing a red Coral in the middle finger during challenging Saturn periods or wearing a White coral and Natural Pearl for a debilitated Moon or changing of hand due to exceptional combinations created by retrograde planets or wearing mutually inimical gemstones due to unique planetary positions is very special knowledge capable of creating … Use Emerald along with White Sapphire or its substitute stone Onyx and White Topaz. Hence, Yellow Sapphire is is the most beneficial and life stone. You should wear Ruby at least 5 carats with gold in ring finger on Sunday of bright fortnight. Hi Rohit, Emerald gemstone may be worn in Gold, Silver or panchdhatu. You belong to Kanya Lagna and Simha Rashi that indicates Emerald will do wonder for you. Hence, Diamond is the most suitable stone. Pls let me know if i should wear the pearl stone. Hi Anitha, Pearl is not correct stone for you. The moti is not your suitable stone as are born with Libra ascendant. New delhi, Please suggest me gemstone for health education and marriage. Moon is the lord of the 2nd house which is considered as Marak or malefic planet. Hello Arjit, thanks a lot for inspiring me. MY DOB- 21-22 Jan 1989 Hence, the pearl is the best suitable stone. TOB: 06:02 am Sir can you guide me what remedies should I follow. Hence, you will have overall development by wearing Ruby. My DOB is 09/Sep/1976, TOB is 10.04 am, POB is Faridkot (Punjab), please suggest me stones that help me. I always had doubts about goodness of a planet which is the lord of auspicious house placed in 6,8,12 houses and also if the planet in bhava chart is changing its place. You can let me know the city you were born or nearest city. thru mail or phone regarding my horoscope. My name is Vishwajeet Kumar. Hi Meenu, wearing Yellow Sapphire together with Moti is beneficial to you. Apart from this you should read Kanakdhara Stotram to get rid of the loans. Currently you are under the Mahadasha of Guru. Your Lagna Lord is Venus which is afflicted by Mars and Sun. You can wear only in rare and specific circumstances. Hence, you should wear a pearl at least Rati in silver. Generally, If you belong to Aries ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Scorpio ascendant and Pisces ascendant then you can wear the pearl. Moon is the lord of the 12th house in your birth chart. Hi Sayantani, you should wear Emerald (Panna) at least 5 carats in little finger. It will be extremely helpful during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planet Moon. hello sir Wearing the white pearl can enhance good health, personality, wealth, contact with high ranking people and a comfortable life. My DOB is 09/Sep/1976, TOB is 10.04 am, POB is Faridkot (Punjab), please suggest me which stone is benefical for me? The planet Venus is also the lord of 9th (fate and fortune). Hi Mohit, Pear is not a suitable stone as you have born with Libra ascendant and the lord of 9th Mercury is in 8th house. Hence, you should avoid wearing the pearl at all circumstances. Hence, wearing Red Coral can be a great help for you. I suggest you to remove pearl instead use Red Coral with either copper or gold in ring finger. However, it can be worn during the major period and sub-period of the planet Moon if it is placed in its own or exalted sign. Could you please advise what stone I should wear,currently I am wearing pearl stone on ring finger since 2010 and haven’t changed the stone either. Plz can u suggest me which stome is best for me. Hi Ram, your suitable and lucky stone is Dimond. It is a magical finger that a married couple wears rings on it to declare their eternal love for each other. For younger women, you may want to think about putting a headband on. Hence, wearing either diamond or White Sapphire will be beneficial to you. Thanks They look wonderful when worn with your business outfit or with more formal wear. Tell me moti is suitable for me or any other gemstones. The planet Moon is weak and afflicted by malefic Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Place- West Bengal. The lord of Lagna is Venus which is placed in the 8th house and have been afflicted by malefic Mars and Saturn. You should use Emerald for getting success in the internet business. Do They Form Maha Parivartan Yog? Hi A Santhana Vijayan, I sent a mail to your inbox. The gemstone Pearl almost known to everyone. Can u suggest me d stone to be worn , n on which finger n if I can get it in gold or silver..?? Hence Diamond or its substitute white sapphire can be helpful in shaping your career and profession. Hi Ram, please let me know your place of birth. Wearing this stone can enhance the relationship with the members of the family. If diamond then which metal and which fingure? Hi Khin, Hi, But, some people use it in the pinky finger. Which is strongest planet in my horoscope? Thank you sir !! The pearl is not a good option for you. Go for both Yellow Sapphire and Pearl together without any hesitation. Wear it at least 4 carats with silver in middle finger on Saturday. Thanks. Thank you Sir for the suggestion…I have worn moti ring in my ring finger of right hand today that is on Monday of Kartik Shukla paksha and pukhraj is already in my neck …is this placement right ? I am wearing white pearl since childhood. Can i wear pearl. This soft organic pearl gemstone is known to bring peace and calmness to the person who wears it in a ring or pendant. Yesterday i bought pearl 5 raati in silver ring it is good for me or not ? moon gemini. It should have been worn on Monday of bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) and not on Friday. Otherwise, choose a headband that is in just one colour that will match the pearl or pearls in your ring perfectly. Place- Alibag, Maharashtra. Hence, you should use Emerald as you have taken birth in the period of Mercury and also Mercury number as per Numerology. You belong to Dhanu Lagna and Vrish Rashi. Would also like to know how will it benefit me. My date of birth is 6 September 1959 between 9 to 10 am….can i wear moti ring? I will calculate your birth chart let you know your lucky stone. D.o.b 30th dec 1987 around 6.20 am at rohtak haryana. You are helping so much people generously out here ….. How much ratti yellow sapphire to wear and with which metal ? Such rings because of their soft beauty are perfect for wearing when going out for a romantic meal with your partner. It can help you traveling abroad and spiritual benefits etc. My name is gaurang bhatt and I was on wednesday 16th September 1987 14.20 PM at Vadodara, Gujarat. You could, of course, wear such rings on either the ring finger of either your right or left hand if you wish. You have not asked anything. The Yellow Sapphire and moti is the life stone. If you are going to wear precious gemstone pearl; then, before wearing this stone, you must be aware about the right procedure of wearing pearl stone. As pearls are made from organic materials rather than minerals there are quite a few benefits to be gained if you do choose to wear yours on your little finger. So, you should wear Emerald (Panna) with gold in little finger on Wednesday. Can I wear Pearl ? Really the most suitable types of pearl rings to be worn on the little finger should be ones that are very simple in design and contain only one small dainty pearl in them. One of our family Pandit advise me to wear 12 ratti pearl for whole life, because my rashi swami is Chandrma. Required fields are marked *, Manoranjan Prusty is an astrologer, palmist, numerologist, Vastu Shastri, writer and digital marketing professional in one. Should I wear pearl as well. One can have good relations and have many benefits from mother by wearing Pearl. Is pearl beneficial for me or something else should I wear ? You belong to Virgo ascendant and Sagittarius moon sign (Kanya Lagna and Dhanu Rashi). However, steel is not good. My name is Sanchari. Hi Sir… As per rules of Vedic astrology you can wear Moti (White pearl). any other metal or ring should i weared ? Hello Sir, This is because they know about what it means when rings are worn on certain fingers. Dear Arpitha, Hi Porus sir i want to ask which Stone is good or incresed growth my life hole life till end and support me finaclly and mentally,i already wear a panna,ruby and sliver thumb ring and copper ring also. Here is my details: DOB:- 26th December 1989 thank u. Hi Pranto The pearl shouldn’t actually weigh any more than 5 carats, Wearing a pearl ring on little finger should only occur on a Monday, The best time to be wearing a pearl ring is between 10 am and 11 am, It is okay if the ring being worn is studded with gold or silver, but it is best to choose a ring where the pearl is set into silver, You should only be wearing a pearl ring on the little finger of your right hand, Women who are born under the star sign Cancer, Pregnant women as it is believed it can help to ease the pain during childbirth, Any woman who finds that there is a beneficial Moon in their horoscope should consider wearing a pearl ring, They help to bring about an emotional balance if you are feeling stressed, Can help to cure insomnia and help to calm you down, You may find that wearing a pearl ring can help to control your anger levels better, Such can help to eliminate the ill effects of the moon whilst helping to strengthen your mind, They create positive energy, which in turn helps to boost the wearer’s self-confidence, Pearls are seen as a sign of prosperity, so it is believed that wearing a pearl ring will bring good fortune to the wearer. It can especially bring benefits during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon. Thank You very much for your advice! MY DOB IS 19/10/1999 at 9:38 pm It can enhance achievement in the business. the place of birth is Hadapsar .pune Maharashtra India. Hence, your life stone is Pearl that you can wear throughout life. I have bought pearl ring, can i wear it and how to wear it? It will help you a lot. Read Aditya Hriday everyday to get rid of the bad situation. Dip the ring into gangajal or cow milk at least 10 min before wearing. It is also beneficial in eye ailments, hysteria, epilepsy, cold cough, asthma, nervous debility, intestinal disorders, and throat troubles. Hi Manjeet, go for the Diamond or its substitute White Sapphire, White Topaz or Opal whatever the budget suits you. Hi Sidhesh, please share your time of birth so as to compute a correct gemstone. However, younger women will, of course, want to go for a trendier look that still helps to show the femininity of the pearl ring they are wearing. Hi Babli Panchal, you belong to Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagna) and Aries Moon sign (Mesha Rashi). Hence, your best suitable stone is Yellow Sapphire. You have not shared your place of birth. But, you can buy if there is a refund option. They are even becoming increasingly popular with women to wear as engagement rings instead of the conventional diamond solitaire ones. Pearl can be proved to be extremely beneficial if you belong to cancer ascendant. Gold, Panchdhatu etc should be avoided if possible. What is the place of birth? Looking forward to your suggestion. Is it Compulsory to wear with silver? Thanks alot Mr. Manoranjan for Instant revert and for your guidance. These types will consist of one pearl that has been set into a silver, gold, or platinum setting. Please check it, you have asked me in the Red Coral article and I have replied you. Hence, wearing Emerald 5 carats with gold will be beneficial. Hi Dilip, it is not possible to recommend the gemstone without birth details. Hence, it is a natural malefic planet for the Aquarius ascendant. Hi Lily, you belong to Cancer ascendant. Hi Saman, please share your date, time and place of birth to know your lucky and suitable stone. That is the reason you are not getting career growth. Thanks a lot for your advice. Kindly guide me. But if you keep in mind the above you are sure to be happy with whatever finger you decide to wear it on. Also, please let me know where would I find a good quality gemstone as I have heard that people usually sell duplicate ones online. Also what type of gem stones preferred for me. If your wallet does not allow, you can use White Topaz at least 5 carats with silver in the middle finger. Thankyou so much sir for your much needed expertise ….. You should wear at least 4 carats of Yellow Sapphire. Am currently wearing a 7 mukhi Rudraksha, one carat diamond would be too expensive, shall wait for some time till I can afford one. Can you please advice.. Hello Sir my date of birth is 7/11/1973.Time 12.05 noon Which gemstone can I wear? The planet Jupiter is the lord of the 9th house (Bhagya Bhava) and it is posited in the Capricorn in debilitation. I’m looking for some clarity on whether to wear Moti on ring finger or the little finger. Of course, the way in which you wear yours is really down to the style of ring you’ve chosen. Hi Leela Dhar, you are born with Virgo ascendant and Aries Moon sign (Mesha Rashi). Please share closest or nearest city of your place of birth. Not only will your nails look beautiful but once you put on your pearl ring your hands will look very dainty yet fashionable. The pearl is not a suitable stone for you. Hence, wearing pearl will be beneficial and it will help you to get rid of tension. Your best suitable stone is Ruby. You should wear Moti 4 carats with silver along with Red Coral at least 6 carats with gold. It can be more beneficial during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planet Moon. Because adopting this stone in wrong way will… I work hard but did not get result. Please share your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Procedure Of Wearing Pearl (Moti): Minimum weight of pearl should be 7-8 Ratti(1200-1400 mg). While, wearing a ring on the right hand’s little finger may hint at the need to strengthen communication, finance, and business in public life. I have been trying to settle abroad since last one year but somehow things are not falling into place up till now. It should be at lease 5 carats in weight. What are the personal benefits of wearing Pearl? It is difficult to calculate to the gems without place of birth. However, you can wear this stone during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon if it is posited in Cancer zodiac sign. Regards, This is your best, lucky and life stone. You can get benefits from the business and have a lot of gains. Hello MANORANJAN ! However, it can be worn if the planet Moon is posited in its own or exalted sign and running its own Mahadasha and Antardasha. Is wearing pearl good for him. It can be worn for rest of the ascendants in certain circumstances. So, your most suitable gemstone is Red Coral. It is also beneficial for the childless couple and can help getting blessed with baby. Hi Nesar, you belong to Aries Ascendant and the lord of ascendant is Mars which is afflicted by Saturn. DOB: 12sep1991 Can I get a new one and continue wearing pearl. I have already recommended you to wear Diamond or white sapphire.

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