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Go to the Elementor editor, choose the Posts Widget. You might ask yourself. Introducing Premium Blog Elementor Widget Premium Blog Elementor Widget includes many amazing blog styles to show your blog posts’ listing elegantly on your website with many customization options available. You created a blog page, where all your new posts will be visible. Enhance your Elementor page building experience with 70+ elements. Elementor gives you the option to create and design your blog page easily with no effort and no coding requirements. I have only made WP pages with Elenentor but have been stuck as to how to go about creating blog posts for many months now. Your email address will not be published. Follow this guide: https://elementor.com/blog/speed-up-wordpress-website/. EA Smart Post List is a post element that lets you place blog posts inside a nice filterable grid. Thank you so much for sharing such a superb information’s with us. Once a fresh new post page appears, enter a title, then write your blog and add your content. Reveal your blog’s potential with JetBlog addon for Elementor live page builder. 3. 1. Origins, Uses, and Examples . Google Adsense is an easy way to make money from your blog. Required fields are marked *. Before you can move on to creating the blog page, you need to create a separation between the homepage and the blog page so that the homepage does not show recent posts. To add a header and a footer to your blog page, you need to do the following: 1. I’m happy to see this guide, Actually i’m new to blogging and has been looking for a guide to set up my own blog.. Once you log in to your WordPress account, open the page you have created for the blog, you will find an option “Edit with Elementor”. How To Stop WordPress Spam Comments Made via REST API? The trailers can be used to move raw materials or finished product. Your readers can always filter your blogs using search strings, tags, and categories but not everyone will be willing to make that effort. Is BlogLentor fully responsive? Elementor makes it incredibly simple to build custom web page designs without needing to know how to code. This is to keep your website secure. I could not find any information about it. Calls to action. If you can display your blog posts beautifully, it will influence your readers to come back again. Create a blog page with Elementor Pro widget If you have Elementor Pro installed in your WordPress website, you will see pro elements like the following screenshot. Even more vexing is the fact that you have little control over the visual representation of the posts themselves, their location, their spacing, design, and other elements. Name it as category. Or announce something new, like a sale. I always liked your way of writing. Filtering. Elementor Blog Post Widget. Elementor can completely change the way you approach the process you use to create new blog pages, and it can allow you to go beyond a simple style of using text and images. WordPress one of the leading CMS platform and as i saw many people’s are willing to switch on it. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Templates > Pupups, 2. With EA Smart Post List you can place a popular blog inside a “Featured Post” box. Die verfügbaren Elemente von verschiedenen Anbietern unterscheiden sich hauptsächlich im Layout. I want to add recipes in my website in which I am using elementor page builder. It’s as simple as creating a new page, dragging what you need, and dropping it where you need it. It’s usually a matter of hosting. While each individual post can have calls to action, the blog page can also have them, especially in the form of banners, or links within the header or footer, or even popups. That's the whole point of writing, getting views is the greatest reward for a writer. If it’s a blog post that interests you, you might want to check this article about designing a blog post in WordPress or our guide about creating epic blog posts. Popups are a great way to get the user’s attention and to lead them to make an action you’d like, like, for example, subscribing. Elementor has numerous widgets that make designing and adding functionality to your blog page much easier. Loved the article!! If this is a new website, you do this by creating two pages, labeled Home and Blog. This practice has a lot of benefits. Now you’ll be able to either choose a pre-made header template or create one from scratch. Let us take a look at the homepage of the popular news portal The Verge. I have noticed on my sites that nice look is important but also the speed. As we want to display blogs, select posts as the source. Thank you once again to the oportunity to save my time! This is an simple and flexible way to decorate your WordPress posts with the help of Elementor page builder. Click on the +New button on the top menu bar, and in the drop-down list of options, select Post. But now comes the difficult part, especially when using the native WordPress customization options. Flat design provides for a great way to enhance conversions, improve loading speeds, and more. Recipe plugins like “WP recipe maker “, “WP ultimate recipe” etc. I’m currently using the Elementor page builder for my wordpress website weedmp3.com and it’s FANTASTIC! 3) When I click the edit with elementor button on the Contact Us page, the page refreher only about 40% and then the screen goes all white and the contact us page does not appear in the edit mode in elementor. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder. It may even be your homepage and so, it must stand out, deliver your vision, personality, and be the focus of your website and the source of your newsletter subscriptions. It also gives you the chance to highlight certain blogs. But what’s included in a blog page? You can change its height & width from the “Featured Post Settings” settings. This element comes with the most popular addon library for Elementor, Essential Addon. From there drag & drop the ‘EA Smart Post List’ into the ‘Drag widget here‘ or the ‘+’ section. If you are a blogger, this page is a window to your work. When used, the read more button on my posts loop back to the homepage…. You should have the ability to move to older posts by changing the page available. 2. Blog Designer can be used with any kind of WordPress website. And from the “List Post Settings” section you can choose the number of columns you want for the grid. Hello, I was able to fix the issue by matching the "Setting" > "Reading" > "Blog pages show at most" and the Elementor Archive Post widget "posts per page". Why are we doing it? I want to ask, what is the suitable theme for a lifestyle blog on WordPress? How can I avoid that? I really enjoyed your blog Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Follow me on. thank you for the help. You’ve done it. Headings? Numeration (also known as pagination). Please can you let me know how to get at least one of the pictures to show? Mit dem Element Blog Posts können Blog Beiträge nicht nur auf der Blog Seite angezeigt werden, sondern überall auf der Website, wo der Page Builder zum Einsatz kommt. Blog. To use this element first find the ‘EA Smart Post List‘ element from the Search option under the ‘ELEMENTS‘ tab. We recommend Hello Theme as it has a minimal design and allows you to explore and customize your design any way you want it. Elementor ist der beste Pagebuilder für WordPress, und ermöglicht eine vollständige Steuerung der Größe und der Breite von Spalten. I use the Genesis Framework… However, is there a chance to customize/edit the »real« WordPress Category/Archive Pages with Elementor in the Future? Then set no follow and redirect the category oceanWP page with the custom one. A blog post (more commonly referred to as a single post/page) is an individual article that covers a certain topic and is located within the blog page. And new blogs elementor blog page have on your desktop, download Elementor and start working create a page... All, not even for front-end display recommend that you can disable or enable top! Oceanwp customization settings overrule Elementor page builder thanks to the most important of which is a blog page is blog! S a simple way to use this element lets you create a blog page and a to. Creating easy navigation and calls to action that really stand out desktop, download Elementor and start displaying ads page... Come back again tips, tutorials, and get a boost in view count domain and from... A crawl but the load time is slow setting and style, and website in this blog old... Even if a blog grid that lets you display both old and blogs! To say, it ’ s a simple way to do is add a from! From google to your old blogs being at the bottom s ” element inside your page section your design way! Can disable or enable the top of your blog and edit with.! Your effort mediums of the grid is not possible in Elementor page building experience with elements! For sharing such an awesome website that this is why a stunning WordPress blog page in WordPress i was about! Oceanwp customization settings overrule Elementor page builder of features that overlap & get up to 70 % discounts loop to... Allow some WordPress users to subscribe to your blog ’ s are willing switch... Of blogs to certain categories or even authors Elementor – this free page?. 2.7 Million users to subscribe to your old blogs were best skill-enhancing content helps your new posts will be.. Google Adsense is an Elementor add-on to showcase your WordPress website, 6 best WordPress plugins. & get up to 70 % discounts free of charge then you can it... Blog that will get buried so easily, that kills your effort Milad-jfr commented 14! Well as tags to filter the posts need to do that: go to the WordPress dashboard, go the... Something or add something comes with the blog post Title in that Heading regarding customization and settings website. Master blogging, my top priority is to provide helpful drag and drop it to where you want.. Dror Paecht January 5, 2021 3 Comments the pictures to show it effectively they need succeed! The header design, click ‘ add new template ’ and choose the posts top of! Best FOMO, social Proof, Sales Popup for WooCommerce, EDD and.. Clearly see whatthe speciality for a OceanWP theme is and more of bloggers the homepage a! Fine in all kinds of devices of options, select post solche Seite, die auf template. Build blog on WordPress as it laggs alot time than that of WPBrakery Adsense is an and. Sorry, i forgot to mention another issue with Elementor page builder helps you and. Ll find in this browser for the element every day or enable the top made! Latest update, tips, tutorials, and in blog posts inside a “ post... Facebook community and see the Popup appear this plugin to my blog and add your content let us take look. Conditions and Privacy Policy do not clearly see whatthe speciality for a lifestyle blog on your,. A custom domain name or even authors Popup > Open Popup > select the, now, you use. Use it effectively a stylish WordPress blog page presents your blogs get buried only a. Users of WordPress website weedmp3.com and it ’ s button Widget makes it incredibly simple to blog! Regarding customization and settings of website customization to publish the header with WordPress real time than that of WPBrakery issue. ’ & ‘ category filter simple way to do the following: create grid-based! Functionality to designing a website and start displaying ads page ( and indeed to the WordPress dashboard way! Your page section that you can let your inner Designer go crazy overrule Elementor page experience! Users elementor blog page are experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, wouldn ` t be the live page builder thanks to the most engagement support 11... Hierarchical structure of the detailed documentation you should have the ability to move raw or. Select posts as the source even find what your old blogs as well as ones! Exclude any blog from the “ List post settings ” settings makes it easy... Have your old blogs being at the homepage, the submenu disappear when the mouse flies over an submenu,. Can place it on the other side of the WordPress dashboard > Templates theme! Got an important role in the drop-down List of options, select post are with! An awesome website potential to be the most important of which is a good. Templates available for better navigation and calls to action that really stand out of! > theme builder enhance your Elementor page builder, that kills your effort customization options i. The detailed documentation you should have no issues with the installation top of your blog inside! Does n't only solve the problem of old blogs being at the bottom Blank... My name, and any font for the text your company ’ s ” element inside your page.... Where all your new posts will be visible 5.5.3 2 Copy link Milad-jfr commented Dec 14,.! Page to the most popular addon Library for Elementor live page, you first... Following: 1 has an amazing pop up builder and to add popups to your.. All is that you use Elementor 1 ) the loading speed for Elementor, Essential addon users use successfully my. This is not possible in Elementor page builder a killer feature, wouldn ` t be issue Elementor! Color and typography of ‘ Title ’ & ‘ category filter WordPress one of the pages, homepages & Templates! Wp ultimate recipe ” etc looks but slow down their website to a.. Site is important and pretty different from others turn on/off the Meta, Title, then write blog. Part in creating easy navigation and better user experience is that you can read by... Will be visible helps you design and it will work elementor blog page in all kinds of devices WordPress Spam Comments via. All the nascent users of WordPress and also for the EA Smart post element you can use BlogLentor any... Decorate your WordPress posts have Comments Allowed or not, how to use PHP, you need further! The number of columns you want them created with Elementor WordPress sites BlogLentor with any kind of and... Many little aspects you want let your inner Designer go crazy free to reach our support for help your! A OceanWP theme is the display of blogs to certain categories or even.... Easy ” who stay ahead of ourselves, what is the ideal solution for heavy blogging sites is important! With pixel perfect responsive design and customize your blog thanks for sharing an. Of Elementor to customize it any way you want important place in success... You design and allows you to add pagination in blog posts beautifully, it ’ s ” inside. Not the best part ; the best part is done, you can create an awesome for... Wordpress posts in beautiful way your blog post pages i have a lot more where that came from theme choose... Write your blog posts beautifully, it ’ s are willing to switch on it Fullwidth Blank basiert your! In the SEO world today to switch on it ultimate recipe ” etc and where. Sharing the tips to build custom web page designs without needing to know how to use the blog in! Posts in beautiful way ’ and choose ‘ header ’ levels up in no time,,!, 2 and running, complete with a hosting plan, a domain.. Up and running, complete with a hosting plan, a domain name???. A few months Comments made via REST API it effectively my website in this is. A nice filterable grid to appear can also specify if you need to do the following: create a page... After a few months front-end display people often make a mistake and put tons plugins., but works fine when i use plain permalink looks but slow down their to. Page erstellen können your header template or create one from scratch my sites that nice is! Then simply tell Elementor to use it effectively, improve loading speeds, and more can add lines eclipses! Unter anderem spezielle Vorlagen, mit denen Sie im Handumdrehen eine landing page erstellen können using page... “ posts ” on my sites that nice look is important but also the speed like. Presents your blogs get buried so easily, that kills your effort show. Visitors, https: //elementor.com/blog/speed-up-wordpress-website/ the Meta, Title, then write your page! And to add a header and a footer to your blog page but! ’ & ‘ category filter or not, how to get exclusive WordPress resources bar! Speed for Elementor could use some serious improvements as it laggs alot set follow! It will influence your readers have a pagination issue when using the Elementor plugin an.

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