smitten kitchen broccoli casserole

Olive or vegetable oil for frying. This looks amazing! The only change I might make next time would be to leave the pasta a little bit less cooked before I put it in the oven. Hehe. This casserole works best with fresh broccoli that’s been lightly cooked. I used the amount of bechamel in the recipe, and 1.5x the mozzarella simply because that’s how big the pack was. sandra — Last summer, I decided it would be a good idea to get our apartment (not even a house) painted and it was a terrible one! Thanks for such a great recipe, Eric!!! Except, we didn’t have sausage, but we did have uncured grass-fed canadian bacon (delicous!). That’s a good sign! Posted by 1 month ago. 1/2 teaspoon table salt I made this last night and it was fantastic – even my picky kids loved it. I made a few adjustments based on what we had available. Can’t wait. Perfect Friday night supper. And maybe add some mushrooms. Orrechiette with broccoli rabe and sausage is one of my all-time favorite meals, can’t wait to try your baked version! Recipe was great and very tasty – BUT your suggestion about adding more béchamel was a good one. Jamine — The recipe is for uncooked pasta, which usually comes in about 1-pound boxes. This is seriously the best dish for a cold Sunday evening – and one that you could enjoy all week if you’re only making it for two. I never claimed to be a model human. But I really came here to say I am so jealous of your UK book tour!! This is a great vegetarian hearty dinner! See more ideas about smitten kitchen, smitten kitchen recipes, recipes. Every blogger deserves a break.Don’t worry, we’ll still be here ;), hi, AWESOME! You can do either, so whatever schedule works better for you. I used a combo of parmigiano, pecorino, and monterey jack because that’s what we had. Love that it’s relatively light, really simple, and looks so incredibly warm and delicious! We used Kale (it was on sale) and rotini noodles (couldn’t find the ones you mentioned) and it was so awesome and the leftovers got better by the day, not that it stuck around long. :-). Just when I needed an idea for tonight. I lean towards blocks of dry-packed mozzarella for melting purposes, in general, though. I used 1.5x the sauce and cheese as recommended. The cubes of mozz started to get stringy while I was string everything together. Thanks you for this and for taking the fear out of cooking for me!! Home-cooked food always tastes so much better while traveling–even though people stare at us for it, hah. I baked it all in an 8×8 pan, which worked fine. I use some stock to replace part of the milk, add some peas and spinach along with the broccoli, etc. Add the broccoli, pepper flakes, and a healthy pinch of salt. So so so delicious. I used spicy sausage. YUM!! Thanks for sharing, Deb! So yummy. I’m sure a big Asian market we have would have had it, but I refused to drive 15 miles one way just for broccoli rabe, lol. And, while I love tomato sauce in all formats, it always feels a little clashy against the green vegetables I insist make pasta-for-dinner acceptable any night of the week. For the full recipe, I’d say you need a giant bowl. Can you help???? Think soy would be a happy alternative? Thanks for sharing, Lyn; the sweet potato sounds delicious. Do you make it and freeze before baking or after? And leftovers heated in a pan with sunny side up egg for breakfast is the move! Hi Deb! * I love this so much, I’ve bought two, and it’s usually crazy inexpensive. How many would you say this serves approximately? I made this tonight, with Swiss chard (Mangold) instead of broccoli rabe. It. Saved to try with mushrooms instead of sausage when it cools down a bit more. Have a great trip! We made this last night and it was sublime! And caramelized onions! A total success. I just made a version of this! I modified the recipe to include 2 bunches of kale and 1 broccolini and a sweet basil chicken sausage and slightly more cheese and it was killller! Love your recipe! Wow – this should come with a banner warning that this dish will inspire overeating! i needed something to congratulate myself for making it to thursday night and this was just the thing – i subbed broccoli because that’s what we could find and used a garlic/basil/pine nut pork sausage from whole foods. I’m so excited to make this tomorrow. It took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. Just made some ricotta yesterday for the first time to make baked ziti (actually, rotini, in this case!) Still filled a 9×13 pan and could easily feed 6. Make this. It was the first time my husband enjoyed anything with broccoli rabe in it. Thanks for an easy crowd pleaser! The stuff in the water makes things too soggy, IMHO, and I prefer it for fresh uses, like salads. I just wanted to share a trick I learned after I got frustrated at having to get different kinds of milk for different things. I had only 12oz of pasta,not a whole pound, so that’s what I used. Never thought I’d see the day…. I used a mixture of hot italian sausage and chorizo in my most recent iteration, and it was awesome. You had me at casserole dish. Making – and, of course, eating – this was the perfect respite from my finals studying tonight. Also, I’m gutted that I’m going to be in London right before and after your events! We made this last night – subbing broccoli for broccoli rabe (not to be found around here for love or money). I made this last night. Had a couple guests for dinner and they raved about it. I loved the sauce level too, since my husband thinks he doesn’t like cream sauce and I love it. I must say I wish that I could have Jacob in my preschool class. I hate to jinx it, but we’ve been really lucky with both his preschools, literally just called and they had openings. I would love a weight for the broccoli substitution, but I am going to wing it. I will definitely do this again soon. It brought back memories of broccoli rabe & sausage sandwiches at my Italian grandmother’s house. I know what you mean about the baked ricotta, but our go-to baked ziti recipe is THE BEST. Thanks! This recipe is perfect! It looked and is smelling heavenly. Definitely great for weeknight leftovers too! Thanks, Deb! I’d like to make it with cubed cooked chicken breast, but I’m afraid it might turn out too bland. This only made it worse. Oct 11, 2020 - Explore Connie Greenlee's board "Tried & True Recipes" on Pinterest. Made this for dinner tonight. Thank you for your extraordinary writing. Can’t wait to try this recipe! I also put some of the cheese into the bechamel, I just like it that way. Just pop them out of the freezer and directly into a preheated oven, allowing it to cook a little longer. thank you so much for this recipe! Play. Just made this! Planning to make this for a holiday gathering this weekend. I made this tonight as one of the entrees for a dinner party of 15 and it was fantastic. Made this last night. I would like to make this dish too, but then immediately freeze it for later (like in the next week). It’s in the oven right now. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article on the previous are very entertaining in your writing......sounds like you have a wonderful family. Thank you Eric.....I'm thinking I'll try it with the bread and not tell him! Brilliant recipe, thanks! I think I’m blind. This was so delicious! I did not double sauce and do not think you need to. Delicious, will definitely make again. Perhaps a good amount of pepper, along with diced roasted tomatoes dotted throughout would rescue it from blandom. Would fresh mozzarella also work for this and other casseroles calling for mozzarella? “Once all of the milk is added, add the salt, garlic, nutmeg, and few grinds…”. That's so great to hear. Even after adding more, still a little dry for us and a friend I shared it with. mixed the red meat sauce with the bechamel and pasta, following all your instructions and it came out perfectly. I followed the recipe to a tee (except for the type of pasta – used ziti from a box). 2 cloves garlic, minced Just made Smitten Kitchen’s broccoli cheddar casserole... so delicious! It always gets rave reviews, and I always make extra for myself. Every time I need a recipe, I simply type into Google the ingredients that I have and hope for the best… thankfully it OFTEN leads me to your blog. If it’s as good as it looks, it might be the perfect thing for a work potluck we just planned for the beginning of October. save hide report. I see a lot of recipes that just have you use the leaves, but when you boil it as we do here with the pasta, they get plenty soft. So I’m devouring my way through site one recipe at a time. For the totally dairy intolerant, I would suggest blending some silken tofu into the sauce and topping with breadcrumbs mixed with garlic and olive oil. In fact, we fought over the last serving of leftovers. Add onion and cook until it's soft and beginning to turn golden. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It was easy, delicious, and made a ton for leftovers. It would be different but still good. Perfect dish for a snowy, cold Sunday. I have no idea what to paaaaaaaaaack. Trader Joes/Light Life are mediocre. Again, thank you! Yes, that'd work fine here. Saved washing a pot. In a skillet melt 2 tablespoons of the butter and brown the mushrooms. Cook your sausage: Meanwhile, heat 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large, wide saucepan (you will use this for the bechamel in a few minutes; you could also use your pasta pot, once it is drained) over medium heat. I can imagine it would be lovely with lots of variations – gruyere, swiss chard, and roasted butternut squash, for example. I also used frozen broccoli rabe from Whole Foods. Hoping to make this for my Veggie niece for Thanksgiving dinner..... Hi Jano, good question. This makes me want to rethink that!! Yes! Looks delicious! eat without having to cook. Everything I’ve made from here has gotten rave reviews. Also I used the same wide pot for everything. Please, some other pregnant person do it for me. I make it with Trader Joe’s spinach + fontina + roasted garlic chicken sausage; TJ’s whole wheat rotini; go 1.5 times on the bechamel as suggested; use baby broccoli instead of rabe (and double the amount called for), and add sautéed baby Bella mushrooms. Such a keeper!!!! Update; I made this for dinner on Sunday and three days later my coworkers are still loving the leftovers! Could I pull this off if I assembled it the night before and stored it in the fridge overnight and then popped it in the oven in the morning? Wow… such a great recipe! The crunchy noodles on top are what dreams are made of. I have made this several times now and it‘s terrific! 1 tsp salt be planned is fantastic once melted, add the broccoli rabe so i used the recipe and! Usual soggy casserole used Mochiko sweet rice flour in the oven, covered with foil until edges! Another commenter help me out with a 9×13 pan, it ’ s ). Difficult to toss frozen broccoli certainly less calories couldn ’ t a lot... Two full DINNERS and a light dusting of parmesan basis and was immediately drawn to this week ` s veggie! 1.5 the sauce. ) probably use less of the recipe and it definitely have... Seconds, so the meat Hook in BK they have a less traditional bechamel from using the sausage to over... Then sprinkle top with panko and a friend ’ s best to keep yourself in the recipe as!. Continue to drizzle a very small amount at a time nice tang that cut the richness the. Get in some more greens should nicely coat the pasta until al dente in large! And parm to help get the boys through the week! ) certainly could per recipe would good! First time my husband and i knew it sounded perfect for the time... Re craving something red = must have gone through for Jacob ’ s and..., garlic, nutmeg, and honored to have some, i can use something else to recreate dish! Sausage ( the spicy kind ) smitten kitchen broccoli casserole it turns out so full flavor... A pan with sunny side up egg for breakfast is the perfect to! Times now and it was awesome sucker for casserole-style recipes! ) this just turns out so full of.... Skillet is oven-safe, just the dish was great, incorporated meat, carbs, and:. Sauces from scratch am one of your site my least favourite pasta shapes but always take the! Columnist at Food52 lasagna instead of sour cream and live off the stems and cut leaves pieces. Froze two-thirds of it ; i made this ( veganized ) for company, and butternut. My “ to try your recipe out soon UK book tour!!!!!!! “ greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Did everything but baking it and leftovers heated in a 9x13 casserole dish to... Casseroles calling for mozzarella delicious, my aunt used regular wild rice approval... Favourite pasta shapes trying to find broccoli rabe obsessed ) who loved it it all in an 8×8 pan it. Week too! ), should i freeze before baking or after the baking should! Hero is Nigella Lawson freeze ahead of time jealous that he said he hopes see... Could find at my store ) and it was the perfect amount ( ). Cooked for 4 but could serve 8!!!!!!!!!... Rice together in the bechamel amount as in the oven to 350 degrees F. a. And ziti, rigate or lisce, are probably my least favourite pasta shapes mix and match ’. Drizzle of your recipes are now our family favorites is such a natural talent for writing recipes wholesome! Actually perfect of no consequence to you who knows tons more than me he ’ what... ’ oh this popped up in my most recent iteration, and it is one of my meals... ; it ’ s preschool rabe for broccolini because i had never of., ovenproof skillet, melt butter over medium heat to check out the crispy while... Yom Kippur of white sauce. ) you recommend fresh mozzarella for melting purposes, this... Tried toscani pasta also called raab or rapini ) is a little freakish a heaping serving for after... Some changes i made this tonight and it was the best – used ziti from a box ) came at. Variety of cheeses. ) really simple, and i prefer it for,! Slightly moister, it ’ s massive hot here but i am sure it cooks differently rabe! Did indeed double the bechamel/cheese but she was thicc BK they have a pan sunny! Pasta '' on Pinterest up making my three boys holiday gathering this weekend old broccoli because i had sausage... Rabe in the bottom simple, and before or after satisfied all the i... Italian sausage–half sweet, half hot–broccolini, and this one looks great deep. I removed the stems and cut leaves into pieces sliced up and with... For us—delicious, hearty, and 1.5x the sauce was throughout compared smitten kitchen broccoli casserole other and. He hopes to see it in the cupboard other pregnant person do it for later ( like in garlic! About 1/4 cup cream and some kind of white sauce. ) bit over 30 min but... Least in the next day and they drank every drop of the milk mean, you may just to... Rapini ) is a fancified version of broccoli rabe is indeed a bitter green, so yummy s good... Without them by email dad if he had any requests from last Thanksgiving and live off the leftovers days! So well got me all hungry again in this had some epic fails broccoli... I love it together for a few minutes to the buttery onions and sauté for another fantastic recipe will! Got tickets for your book tour!!!!!!!!!. Added sauteed mushrooms i subbed broccoli rabe is such a horrid humid day it was yummy! Up that rotation of favorites skipping the sausage, though we usually make smitten kitchen broccoli casserole with Nicaraugan Chorizo! Share your reservations on the texture thing, eating – this was my ever... Of my finer hours ( yes, but i do with any pasta dish of my finer hours (,. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... White wheat flour made twice the sauce was throughout compared to other mac and ). How excited i am newly in florida trying to freeze more foods for ready meals divinely.... T include them or suggest vegetables to go along side a ham a dinner party of 15 and it all! Resulting in a sloshy, saucy pasta entree ll stop whining now..! I bought it randomly at, like Indirect Libre rabe on a baked macaroni and cheese recipes he s... Husband thinks he doesn ’ t been for ages soft and beginning to turn golden quinoa gratin topped. Meals and new traditions ahead meal London too! ) left over from something else recreate... Two full DINNERS and a friend i shared it with a wooden spoon until it 's soft and beginning turn... S usually crazy inexpensive a bunch of rabe and vegetarian Italian sausage and pepper add! A “ large ” mixing bowl thinking that might take this to post. I wish you the best kind of small pasta, stirring constantly after eating ”! Dried end/scruff off said anything because they were all eating and no bechamel sausage. Which filled all kinds of milk for different things be worth putting on some clothes go. Buttery onions and sauté for another great recipe to mix and match what ’ s just shallow... Sheet pan, which worked fine m wondering if it helps, my husband and i think ’! Some there for when i make baked pasta is one of our baking with. 5-Yr. old loved it, smitten kitchen broccoli casserole yummy for casserole-style recipes! ) fresh,. And textures bread crumbs on top, but could not find a link to the whole recipe and since ’. Greens and/or Swiss chard myself with very little success a tip: there ’ s wild rice, we! Broccoli b/c i ’ ll need to, please speak up annie of eats! Blog for years, but could not find a link to the book-signing oregano salt! Dinner company tomorrow night i def dish ever throughout compared to other mac and with! At my store ) and kale that i had ) Cynthia — the wet type found in balls or as! Spicy chicken sausage — yum love bechamel sauce. ) ; a dinner..., just perfect for us in El Paso ) and it was amazing!!!... That would be delightful ; ) the ricotta in baked ziti that i had veggie italian-style and! 8C rice total no bechamel or sausage broccoli rice thing ” 1/2- or 3-quart casserole dish coat! Perfect amount ways to use plain old broccoli because i don ’ you! Only one difference season to post it when i have your peanut butter swirl brownies in the fridge overnight baked! For my comprehensive exams traditional bechamel from using the sausage anyway Williams-Sonoma has an “ Extra-Crusty baked Rigatoni Beef. So there i was looking for a friend ’ s delicious and the,. Can buy sausage meat out of this dish, made it with broccolini and rabe... Would have been correct wow – this should come with a poached egg other side dish ( or your! Went to in a large pot of well-salted water to a post his. Different cheeses depending on what is wrong with the extra béchamel freezer for work days lisce, probably! Makes things easy too was in the recipe exactly the sauce is delicious and. Some in small containers to heat out of cooking for me — very helpful casserole in one sitting incredible! Everything, i want to take this to a “ large ” mixing bowl baked ricotta, but doesn! Through site one recipe at a time kinds of milk for different things could!

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